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In the Society of Microbes


Croatian Microbiological Society (CMS)


The project “In the Society of Microbes” coordinated by the Croatian Microbiological Society is funded by the European Social Fund and by the State budget of Croatia in the period from 19th March 2018 to 18th January 2020. The aim is to contribute to the introduction, development, improvement and sustainability of service learning as a part of the academic curricula.

Service learning (SL) is an educational approach in which students use knowledge and skills gained through the study programmes to provide solutions for an actual societal problem. SL is also recognised as a powerful way of connecting the public and academy with students as the principal mediators.

This is the first SL project in the field of microbiology in Croatia and it will be carried out in collaboration with academic institutions (Catholic University of Croatia, Faculty of Medicine at the University of Rijeka, Faculty of Science, Faculty of Food Technology and Biotechnology and Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Zagreb) and NGOs (Bioteka – an association for promotion of biology and related sciences, BIUS – an association of biology students).

Through the implementation of the project, we will carry out many activities through which we will achieve the project goals and expected results.


  1. Strengthen the professional, analytical and advocacy capacities of the Croatian Microbiological Society through collaboration with the Faculty of Science, Faculty of Food Technology and Biotechnology, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of the University of Zagreb, Faculty of Medicine of the University of Rijeka and Catholic University of Croatia, as well as to contribute to the establishment of sustainable SL programs.
  2. Improve students' knowledge and skills by actively participating and gaining practical experience through the SL.


  1. Participants’ education in the process of service learning (volunteers and employees of NGOs, university teachers).
  2. Designing, developing and implementing mentoring programs for service learning in microbiology.
  3. Implementation of service learning programs through public lectures, workshops for children in schools and Bioteka, and preparation of materials for the virtual museum of microbes.
  4. Implementation of information and communication activities and evaluation of project activities with the aim of promoting the service learning program results.


Total project value: 1.182.333,58 HRK

Financed by European Union (Grant): 1.004.983,54 HRK

Eligibility period: od 19.3.2018. do 18.1.2020.

E-mail: udrustvumikroba@hmd-cms.hr

For more information on EU co-funding opportunities visit www.strukturnifondovi.hr, and for the Operational Programme “Effective Human Resources” please visit www.esf.hr

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The contents of the Microseum is created and prepared by staff and students of the:

Faculty of Food Technology and Biotechnology

University of Zagreb

Topic: Antibiotics against superbugs: The fight has just begun

Mentor: Assistant Professor ANA BIELEN, Ph. D.


  • Ivana Čakarić
  • Ana Davidović
  • Tomislava Grgić
  • Anica Jurišić
  • Edina Numanović

Topic: Probiotics – the medicines of the future

Mentor: Professor BLAŽENKA KOS, Ph. D.


  • Emili Vidan
  • Ana Novak
  • Ivona Čupić

Topic: Caution! What is attacking our food?

Mentor: Teaching Assistant DENI KOSTELAC, mag. ing. biotechn.


  • Klara Čuljak
  • Jasna Žibert
  • Daria Pranjić
  • Mia Bokulić
  • Patricija Kreš
  • Mislav Sušac

Topic: Fermented food factory

Mentor: Assistant Professor ANDREJA LEBOŠ PAVUNC, Ph. D.


  • Antonia Stipić
  • Zora Kelemen
  • Marina Strinavić
  • Maria Jurčević

Faculty of Science

University of Zagreb

Topic: World on the border of life

Mentor: Assistant Professor SILVIJA ČERNI, Ph. D.


  • Valentina Runko
  • Iva Žulj
  • Daniel Čolić
  • Mihaela Pravica
  • Josipa Čonkaš
  • Sara Pleše

Faculty of the Veterinary Medicine

University of Zagreb

Topic: Diseases caused by fungi in humans and animals. Can fungi affect us?

Mentor: Professor LJILJANA PINTER, Ph. D.


  • Josipa Lovasić
  • Petra Luna Kokanović
  • Mislav Unger

Faculty of Medicine

University of Rijeka

Topic: You are your microbes!

Mentor: Professor MAJA ABRAM, M. D., Ph. D.


  • Katarina Marija Kobeščak
  • Gabriela Bonda
  • Karla Goričanec
  • Danijel Lugonjić

Topic: Invisible life in water

Mentor: Associate Professor IVANA GOBIN, Ph. D.


  • Silvestar Mežnarić
  • Paola Tijan
  • Lucija Larma
  • Linda Jerinić

Catholic University of Croatia

Topic: The true colors of meningococci

Mentor: Associate Professor SUZANA BUKOVSKI, M. D., Ph. D


  • Nina Bjeliš
  • Josipa Parić
  • Paula Marija Stier

Faculty of Science

University of Zagreb

Project leader: Professor Dijana Škorić, Ph. D.

Educator: Professor Ines Radanović, Ph. D.

Web design and development: Virtualna tvornica

Artwork: Mirela Ivanković Bielen

Other illustration and photography sources: shutterstock.com, freepik.com

Video files source: youtube.com

The project team is indebted to the following members of the Croatian Microbiological Society: Danko Hajsig, Ph. D., Ines Sviličić Petrić, Ph. D. and Professor Stjepan Pepeljnjak, Ph. D. They selflessly shared their knowledge and contributed their expertise in the preparation of this interactive website.

The production of this website is a result of the project of the Croatian Microbiological Society “In the Society of Microbes”.